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What to do about tinnitus?
by Erin Martz and Yahan Orov

Scientists may find a cure for subjective tinnitus someday. Until a cure is found, extreme caution should be taken about internet promises about pills or techniques to cure tinnitus. We know from decades of research and clinical trials that there are some things that can help reduce suffering while having tinnitus. Read More

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Treatments That Work

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DECEMBER 12, 2018

Exploring PTSD

We’ve curated a selection of free chapters from essential Oxford psychology and psychiatry texts, applicable in a range of settings and delving into the numerous facets of post-traumatic stress disorder.

NOVEMBER 8, 2018

Military Psychology

This month, Oxford Clinical Psychology is exploring the relationship between the military and psychology, focusing on the effects of combat and how to best help treat and rehabilitate military personnel that require mental health care.

OCTOBER 3, 2018

New Titles Added

Three titles have been added to Oxford Clinical Psychology this month – take a look at what’s new!