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‘It’s not an easy conversation to have with a kid who thinks they’re invincible’
Carla Sofka, Ph.D.

Thanatechnology is a word that I invented back in 1996, because there was no way to describe how, at that point in time, it was just websites and maybe chat groups online, it was kind of the dinosaur version of what we have now, there was no way to describe how these new technologies were being used in death education and grief counselling. Read More >>

Free to read this December:

The Role of Digital and Social Media in Supporting Bereaved Students
Supporting Bereaved Students at School
Edited by Jacqueline A. Brown and Shane R. Jimerson

Understanding Animal Maltreatment and Sexual Abuse
Animal Maltreatment: Forensic Mental Health Issues and Evaluations
Edited by Lacey Levitt, Gary Patronek, and Thomas Grisso

Ethics-Based Staff Training About Confidentiality
The Ethics of Conditional Confidentiality: A Practice Model for Mental Health Professionals
Mary Alice Fisher

Explore The Collected Works of D.W. Winnicott:

Letter to his Mother, Elizabeth [c. 1911 – 1913]
Volume One

Physical Therapy of Mental Disorder
Volume Three

Letter to the British Medical Journal: Evacuation of Small Children
with John Bowlby and Emmanuel Miller

Volume Two

On ‘Separation Anxiety’: By John Bowlby
Volume Five

Winnicott's last letter: January 1st 1971, to John Davis.
Volume Nine


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September 29, 2017

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September 14, 2017

2017 BMA Medical Book Awards

Mentalization-Based Treatment for Personality Disorders: A Practical Guide (Bateman,Fonagy) was Highly Commended in Psychiatry in the 2017 BMA Medical Book Awards

September 13, 2017

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