New Titles Added

September 12, 2018

 <p><strong>Take a look at some of the titles we've just added to the website:</strong></p>

<p><a href="">When Children Refuse School: Therapist Guide (3 ed.)</a><br />
The treatment program presented here is designed for youths with primary and acute school refusal behavior. The program is based on a functional model of school refusal behavior that classifies youths on the basis of what reinforces absenteeism.</p>
<p><a href="">When Children Refuse School: Parent Workbook (3 ed.)</a> <br />
This workbook defines school refusal behavior, describes how situations might be evaluated, and shows what parents and therapists can do to get children back into school with less distress.</p>
<p><a href="">Assessing Negative Response Bias in Competency to Stand Trial Evaluations </a> <br />
Provides a comprehensive guide to assessing malingering, feigning, poor effort, and lack of cooperation in competency to stand trial (CST) examinations.</p>
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