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(p. 27) Letter to His Mother, Elizabeth 

(p. 27) Letter to His Mother, Elizabeth
(p. 27) Letter to His Mother, Elizabeth

Donald W. Winnicott

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Originally quoted in C. Winnicott, ‘D. W. W.: A reflection’. In S. Grolnick, L. Barkin, Muensterberger (Eds.), Between fantasy and reality: Transitional objects and phenomena (pp. 24–25). New York: Aronson, 1978; also published in C. Winnicott, R. Shepherd, & M. Davies (Eds.), Psychoanalytic Explorations. Cambridge, MA: Harvard University Press, 1989, p. 9.
This letter is addressed to Winnicott’s mother, Elizabeth. Also mentioned are Winnicott’s father, Sir John Frederick Winnicott, and Winnicott’s two sisters, Kathleen and Violet.

ca. 2 September 1911–1913

My dearest Mother,

On September 2nd all true Scouts think of their mothers, since that was the birthday of Baden Powell’s mother when she was alive.

And so when you get this letter I shall be thinking of you in particular, and I only hope you will get it in the morning.

But to please me very much I must trouble you to do me a little favour. Before turning over the page I want you to go up into my bedroom and in the right hand cupboard find a small parcel … Now, have you opened it? Well I hope you will like it. You can change it at Pophams if you don’t. Only if you do so, you must ask to see No. 1 who knows about it.

I have had a ripping holiday, and I cannot thank you enough for all you have done and for your donation to the Scouts.

My home is a beautiful home and I only wish I could live up to it. However I will do my best and work hard and that’s all I can do at present.

Give my love to the others: thank Dad for his game of billiards and V and K for being so nice and silly so as to make me laugh. But, it being Mother’s day, most love goes to you,

from your loving boy

Donald. (p. 28)