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(p. 229) Letter to Roger Money-Kyrle 

(p. 229) Letter to Roger Money-Kyrle
(p. 229) Letter to Roger Money-Kyrle

Donald W. Winnicott

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Roger Money-Kyrle (1898–1980) was a British psychoanalyst and follower of Melanie Klein.

22 June 1949

Dear Money-Kyrle,

Thank you for you further letter about the Birthday book.i I would like to co-operate in whatever way you and Paula Heimann feel would be best, and I am so keen that the book should be a really good one that I should be perfectly willing to submit one or two trial papers for you to consider in relation to the rest of the book. It would be important to know just how urgent the matter is. Probably you would like to know where you are by the end of the summer?

You will understand that if someone else felt like doing the Environmental thing I would only be too glad. Also when I come to write about psychosis I am terribly aware that Scott is miles ahead of anything I can do on this subject. I think the only thing to do is for me to go ahead along the lines you suggest, and then let the matter of decision as to whether it is suitable for the book or not rest with the Editors.

With good wishes,


D. W. Winnicott (p. 230)


Editorial Note i See also letters [CW 3:4:10; CW 3:4:13; CW 3:5:9; CW 3:5:11; CW 3:5:13].