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(p. 365) Letter to Roger Money-Kyrle 

(p. 365) Letter to Roger Money-Kyrle
(p. 365) Letter to Roger Money-Kyrle

Donald W. Winnicott

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Roger Money-Kyrle (1898–1980) was a British psychoanalyst and follower of Melanie Klein.

10 July 1950

Dear Money-Kyrle,

I am definitely intending to have the articlei ready by September 1st. Thank you very much for your letter, although I can think of better things that you might be doing in a boat at Henley.

I very much look forward to reading your book on Psychology and Politics.ii

Yours ever,

D. W. Winnicott (p. 366)


Editorial Note i See also CW 3:4:10, CW 3:4:12, CW 3:4:13, CW 3:5:11, and CW 3:5:13 for Winnicott’s correspondence with Money-Kyrle regarding a possible article for Melanie Klein’s Festschrift.