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(p. 465) Letter to Kenneth Soddy 

(p. 465) Letter to Kenneth Soddy
(p. 465) Letter to Kenneth Soddy

Donald W. Winnicott

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Kenneth Soddy (1911–86) was the child psychiatrist, consultant and physician in charge of the Department of Child and Adolescent Psychiatry at University College Hospital in London. He was the author of the textbook Clinical Child Psychiatry.

9 June 1959

Dear Kenneth,

You will wonder why I have not answered your letter, for which I thank you. Probably it is too late by now for me to tell you that ‘maturation at age’ was something that turned up in the discussion at Copenhageni in that form but which is more or less behind most of the things that I have written. Perhaps I got near to something you could quote, if you wanted to, in the chapter called What Do We Mean by a Normal Child? [CW 2:6:10] in the book The Child and the Family. I think that you will not actually find the term ‘maturation at age’ anywhere in my writings. I think that I probably said ‘maturity at age’; the term is rather a clumsy one but the idea, as you know, is that health is associated with the emotional development appropriate to the age, not behind or in advance.

I hope all goes well with you,

Yours very sincerely, (p. 466)


Editorial Note i The 21st International Psychoanalytic Association Congress, Copenhagen, 1959.