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(p. 473) Letter to Dorothy E. M. Gardner 

(p. 473) Letter to Dorothy E. M. Gardner
(p. 473) Letter to Dorothy E. M. Gardner

Donald W. Winnicott

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Dorothy E. M. Gardner (1900–92) was a colleague of Susan Isaacs’s at the progressive Maltings House School and her successor at the Child Development Department of the Institute of Education, University of London, where Winnicott frequently lectured (see [CW 12:3:1]).

13 July 1959

Dear Miss Gardner,

Regretfully I want to say that I think I have come to the end of lecturing at the Institute. You know how very much I have enjoyed giving these lectures year after year and how grateful I am to Susan Isaacs and to yourself for the opportunity which these lectures have afforded. I cannot say how much I have got out of the repeated task.

I know that you have not yet invited me to lecture next year but on the assumption that you are going to do so I would like to say that I gave myself too much to do last Spring term and the consequence was that I did some things rather badly. It might be that you would like me to give a couple of lectures sometime or other to the students; I cannot say. In any case I thought you would like to have this information early so that you can find someone else.

I shall be giving lectures at L.S.E.i but these lectures have a different kind of design. They are about the family and I find it stimulating to have a different pattern and to get out of the rut that I was getting into by giving the same sort of lectures every time. I confess to being very human and liking the 7½ guineas per lecture which L.S.E. offers!

I think that these are not the major issues, however, and that the main thing is that I have been giving these lectures to the Child Development Course long enough and I would rather get out of it before I come to grief.

(p. 474) I hope you will have a good holiday, I must come round and have coffee with you at the beginning of next term in the lunch hour.

Every good wish from both Clare and myself,

Yours very sincerely,


Editorial Note i London School of Economics.