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(p. 307) Letter to Marianne Baumann 

(p. 307) Letter to Marianne Baumann
(p. 307) Letter to Marianne Baumann

Donald W. Winnicott

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Marianne Baumann was a Swiss psychoanalyst.

20 January 1958

Dear Dr Baumann,

Mrs Klein has had your letter for some time and she has now returned it asking me to reply for her. It is rather difficult for her to get anyone to represent her views who can speak German and who might attend the Congress.i The following names may be useful:

  • Mrs E. Bick, Ph.D.

  • Miss D. Rosenblut

  • Miss Salzburger

Mrs Bick is a psychoanalyst and the other two are qualified child psychotherapists (Tavistock Clinic).

Dr Heimann has told me that she also has been approached. She may be able to give you other names but you understand that at the present time Mrs Klein does not consider that Dr Heimann accurately represents her point of view. No doubt Dr Heimann will reply separately.

Please let me know if there is anything more direct that I can do to help you.ii

Good Wishes,

Yours sincerely,

P.S. We had a very nice P.S.W. from Zurich at Paddington Green last week (Miss Bachman). (p. 308)


Editorial Note i The First International Congress for Analytical Psychology, Zürich, Switzerland, 7–12 July 1958.

Editorial Note ii See also letter to Dr Baumann, June 1958 [CW 5:4:10].