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(p. 243) A 70th Birthday Present 

(p. 243) A 70th Birthday Present
(p. 243) A 70th Birthday Present

Donald W. Winnicott

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Written some time before Anna Freud’s seventieth birthday on 3 December 1965. From the Winnicott archive held at the Wellcome Library, London.

This is a statement not by me as President but by me as a member of the Society. Miss A. F. does not wish her 70th birthday (3rd December) to be celebrated in the Society. I feel the same about my 70th birthday which falls due in April 1966.

What I propose to do is give myself a birthday present. I have in mind the idea of giving 20 lectures followed by discussion in the course of the year. These will be on the subject of the feedback from child psychiatry to psycho-analytic practice and theory. These lectures will be for psycho-analysts and will be along the lines of the two sets of lectures that I have given already to child psychiatrists. I shall give them for pleasure and not for a fee. The only stipulation will be that those who attend the first 10 of these lectures shall at least have the intention of being present at all. The second 10 of the lectures will be given if those attending the first 10 support the idea.

This series of lectures will have nothing to do with the training scheme and they will be given under the auspices of the N.A.M.H.i probably on Thursday evenings. The N.A.M.H. will probably charge a fee to be paid at the beginning and to cover expenses. The lectures will be given in the vicinity of the Institute. I will be quite contented if a dozen members of the society wish to participate in the series. I have found the lectures to child psychiatrists on the subject of the therapeutic consultation very rewarding from my point of view and it is for this reason that I have the idea of giving myself this birthday present. (p. 244)


Editorial Note i The National Association for Mental Health, which would become the mental health charity Mind. Winnicott gave many lectures under the auspices of the NAMH (see the lectures list [CW 12:3:3]).