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(p. 255) Letter to John Davis 

(p. 255) Letter to John Davis
(p. 255) Letter to John Davis

Donald W. Winnicott

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date: 14 December 2017

John Davis was a close friend of Winnicott, a paediatric colleague at St Mary’s Hospital, and later Foundation Professor of Paediatrics at Cambridge University. He was married to Madeleine Davis.

1 January 1971

Dear John,

Do you think Madeleinei can find what she needs (if not too late already) from this idiotic list of fussy activities? I don’t mind a bit if the University abandons the project so long as Madeleine is satisfied that I haven’t frittered away my life. (You see, I ought to have been killed in World War I like my friends.)

All the best for 1971


we’ve (all 2 of us) had flu, Clare rather badly hence delays (p. 256)


Editorial Note i Madeleine Davis was a member of the Winnicott Trust publications committee, a personal friend of Winnicott, and a scholar and editor of several of Winnicott’s works after his death. She was co-author, with David Wallbridge, of Boundary and Space: An Introduction to the Work of D. W. Winnicott.