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(p. 293) The Mother’s Contribution to Society 

(p. 293) The Mother’s Contribution to Society
(p. 293) The Mother’s Contribution to Society
The Collected Works of D. W. Winnicott: Volume 5, 1955-1959

Donald W. Winnicott


This piece of writing is the postcript to the collection of Winnicott’s first series of broadcast talks. In it Winnicott states that the roles of fathers and mothers, especially mothers, in bringing up their children has not been fully recognized for the major task that it is. He also suggests that if mothers are not sufficiently recognized and valued, there can be a vague unacknowledged societal fear of a dependence upon, and domination by, woman. Winnicott assumes most mothers know what their children need intuitively and are unlikely to read books such as his own.

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