Pride Month

June 1, 2018



Oxford University Press is marking Pride 2018 with a selection of chapters, articles, and blog posts covering a wide range of perspectives and topics, from clinical psychology to social work. Find out more and browse our content below.

Did you know…?

  • In 2008, a survey of 2,095 gay and bisexual Japanese men showed that 86% had attempted suicide.
  • Approximately 4% of adopted children in the United States are living with a gay or lesbian parent.
  • LGBT youth have been found to experience high rates of psychological disorders and suicidality as a result of stigma.
  • In December 2008, the 60th anniversary of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, the UN General Assembly supported a statement confirming that international human rights protections include sexual orientation and gender identity.

Essential Reading:

Disrupting Hetero-Gender-Normativity: The Complex Role of LGBT Affirmative Supports at School
Suicide Risk Among Transgender and Gender-Nonconforming Youth
Eating Disorders and Disordered Eating in the LGBTQ Population
Beyond Lesbian and Gay: A Private Practice for Bisexual, Transgender, Polyamorous, and Kinky Clients
Lesbian, Gay, and Bisexual Service Members

From the OUP Blog:

Safe and supportive schools for LGBTQ-GNC students
How football fans, political leaders, and religious cues can change minds on LGBT rights
Exclusion and the LGBT life course

More resources can be found over on University Press Scholarship Online, including articles from Social Psychology and Social Work.

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