Letter from the Editor

SuniI’m delighted to announce the launch of Oxford Clinical Psychology, and welcome you to browse and rediscover some of your favorite books and trusted resources from Oxford.  You will find some of our classic references, including the Psychologists’ Desk Reference, edited by Gerry Koocher and John Norcross, and A Guide to Treatments That Work, edited by Peter Nathan and Jack Gorman, as well as our popular Treatments ThatWork series, under the editorship of David Barlow, which has made this series one of the most important resources for cognitive behavioral therapists. 

Not only will you find our authoritative backlist of titles from leading researchers and clinicians in the field, but our new front list of works just published in clinical psychology.  The site offers a pleasurable reading and learning experience, in a mobile-optimized format, with functionality that will assist you and your students in finding material right at your fingertips. You will find:

And a site experience that allows:

  • Accessing your favorite books in whatever format you wish: downloaded PDF, printer-ready copy, with web or mobile view
  • Images that can be downloaded to PowerPoint, or zoomed into, for high resolution on the site
  • Chapter downloads
  • Annotation tools
  • Reference-sharing tools
  • Citation tools, and many more…

We look forward to hearing your comments and hope to see you at an upcoming meeting where we will be offering you and your university librarian free trial offers to access the site.

We designed this site for you, based on your feedback, so please explore, enjoy using it, and let us know if we can do anything to improve your experience of this exciting new tool.

Best wishes,


Joan Bossert
Vice President/Editorial Director
Brain and Behavioral Sciences
Oxford University Press