On Every Page

Every page has the same header, containing useful links and functionality.

In the very top row of the header you will find links to:

  • About pages: Telling you what's on the site. Within About you can also find the FAQs - the most frequently asked questions about any aspect of the site.
  • News pages: Will let you find out what's new to the site.
  • Subscriber Services: Contain information for librarians about managing their subscriptions.
  • Take a Tour: Will help you find a tour to walk you through every aspect of the site, and provide a way of showing the benefits of using the site to others.
  • Contact Us: For details, comments and queries for OUP.
  • Help: These help pages.
  • Personal Profile features: See the Personalization page for more information.

In the middle of the header you will find:

  • The Oxford Clinical Psychology title is a link back to the home page.
  • The Quick Search box – type a word, phrase, or title of a book and hit the return key or click on the magnifying glass next to the search box.


In the bottom blue row of the header you will find:

  • Browse by speciality / disorder and clinical problem / series
    • Click on the triangle to open the relevant browse panel, to reveal all the subjects covered by Oxford Clinical Psychology online.
    • Click a subject to show all the books on that topic.
    • See all the specialities/ disorders/ series by choosing Browse All, at the bottom right of the relevant browse panel.
    • Close the browse panel by clicking on the X at the bottom right.
  • My content shows all the pages you have looked at recently, and My Searches shows all the searches you have run recently. Click on either to see the lists.
    • Click on an entry in one of those lists and you are returned to that content.
    • See the Personalization section to read more about saving those lists.

At the bottom of every page is a footer with links to legal notices, the terms of your subscription and OUP's Privacy Policy.