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RUBI Videos 

RUBI Videos

Karen Bearss

, Cynthia R. Johnson

, Benjamin L. Handen

, Eric Butter

, Luc Lecavalier

, Tristram Smith

, and Lawrence Scahill

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date: 26 May 2022

Session 1

Video 1.1: ABC and Brownies

Child asks for a brownie. Mom says “No.” (Antecedent). The child then stomps his feet, pushes the brownie box into his mom, repeatedly yells at mom (Behaviors). Mom gives him a brownie (Consequence).

Session 2

Video 2.1: Dressing Struggle

Parent is struggling to get her child’s coat on.

Video 2.2: Time to Clean Up

Parent abruptly and hastily tells her child to pick up his toys. The child refuses to comply. Parent pushes issue and child’s behavior escalates.

Video 2.3: I Want Honey Combs

Parent selects cereal type for child and child protests.

Video 2.4: Computer Sneak

Parent removes child from computer room only to have child sneak back in.

Video 2.5: Dressing Difficulties

Mother struggles to get her child’s coat on. Dad comes in the room and child immediately complies.

Session 3

Video 3.1: Dressing Distractions

Mom brings her son his coat and leaves. Child ignores the demand and continues to watch TV.

Video 3.2: Clean Up Later

Child is asked to clean up toys before school. Time passes and child does not clean up. Child now has to go to school.

Video 3.3: Nintendo Tantrum

Mom asks child to turn off Video game to brush teeth. Child refuses, so mom takes game away.

Video 3.4: Five More Minutes

Mom tries to leave play with her child so she can do laundry. Child whines, so mom continues to play with child.

Video 3.5: Visual Schedule

Mom is using a morning visual schedule with the child.

Session 4

Video 4.1: Favorite Toy

Child is playing with various toys, but favors his Magnadoodle®.

Video 4.2: Sorting Shapes

Child complies with a command (sorting task), but the parent does not praise.

Video 4.3: Toy Fight

Two siblings clean up toys without prompting. Parent goes to get a treat to reward them and while she is gone, they start fighting. Mom returns and gives both children a treat. Because of the delay, she ends up providing reinforcement for the fighting.

Video 4.4: Shape Game Reward

Child complies with a request; the parent gives the child a “favorite” toy (Pokémon card) as a reinforcer. However, the child refuses the toy. The toy no longer holds value as a reinforcer.

Video 4.5: Sorting Legos

Parent correctly reinforces child with praise and goldfish crackers after child complies with each command.

Session 5

Video 5.1: Playing Nice

Mom catches her boys playing nicely and praises them often.

Session 6

Video 6.1: Chicken Nuggets

Child pesters his mom for chicken nuggets until she gives in and gets him the nuggets.

Video 6.2: Swearing

Child swears and his mom repeatedly tells him to stop.

Video 6.3: Go To The Park

Child begs mom to go to the park. Mom says no to the park but gives him a brownie

Video 6.4: Phone Call

Child tries to interrupt his mother while she is on the telephone. The mother pushes the child away and it becomes a game, with child laughing. Parent does not follow any of the rules of planned ignoring.

Video 6.5: Refrigerator Talk

Parent follows all the rules of planned ignoring.

Video 6.6: Dine and Dash

Mom tries to coax child to sit at the dinner table while he “dines and dashes.”

Video 6.7: Dinner Time

Mom correctly uses ignoring skills to redirect child to the table.

Session 7

Video 7.1: Come Upstairs

Parent yells “Come here” from upstairs while kids are downstairs. She does not follow any of the 4 steps.

Video 7.2: A Huge Mess, Part One

Parent attempts, unsuccessfully, to get her child’s attention and then repeats the command when the child doesn’t respond. She does not follow any of the 4 steps.

Video 7.3: A Huge Mess, Part Two

Parent does not clearly get his attention. She then gives a good command and attempts physical prompting but gives in when her child tantrums. She does not follow through with Steps 3 and 4.

Video 7.4: Dinner Clean Up

Parent successfully completes Steps 1-3 but forgets to praise her child.

Video 7.5: Pepperoni Toss

Parent completes all 4 steps correctly.

Video 7.6: Integrate Behavioral Principles

Bringing It All Together. Parent should identify use of visual schedule, physical prompting, planned ignoring, guided compliance, and praise.

Session 8

Video 8.1: Help Card

Parent teaches her child to say “help” using a picture.

Video 8.2: Sign For Drink

Child signs “thirsty” after pushing food away.

Video 8.3: Help Please

Child uses the word “help,” first prompted, then unprompted when having difficulty zipping up his coat.

Session 9

Video 9.1: Backward Chaining

Demonstration of backward chaining when putting on a sock.

Session 10

Video 10.1: Using A Variety Of Prompts

Parent demonstrates the use of modeling, verbal prompts, visual prompts, and physical prompts.

Session 11

Video 11.1: Sorting Legos

Parent reinforces child with praise and goldfish crackers after child complies with each command.

Video 11.2: Help Card

Parent teaches her child to say “help” using a picture.