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Further Audio Material 

Further Audio Material
(p. 239) Index of Available Audio Recordings

Robert Adès

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date: 18 January 2020

Further Audio Material

  1. 1. The Price of Ignoring Psychoanalytic Research Findings:

National Association for Mental Health Annual Conference: ‘The Price of Mental Health’. The Assembly Hall, Church House, Westminster, 25 February 1965. [CW 7:2:4]

  1. 2. Contribution to the Discussion on ‘Frankie’:

24th Congress of the International Psychoanalytical Asssociation. Amsterdam, 1965. [Spoken Comments on Obsessional Neurosis and ‘Frankie’; CW 7:2:11]

  1. 3. Changing Patterns in Young People:

    1. a. Answering questions from the floor (49.43)

    2. b. Further contributions to a discussion (59.16)

      • 21st Annual Meeting of the British Student Health Association: ‘Higher Education and Modern Concepts in Adolescent and Early Adult Development’. Newcastle upon Tyne, 18 July 1968.

[Contemporary Concepts of Adolescent Development and their Implications for Higher Education; CW 9:3:9]

  1. 4. The Pill: An Informal Presentation.: The Progressive League, November 1969 [CW 9:1:23].

  1. 5. Commentary on Play Therapy, Virginia Axline: Undated ca. 1969. [CW 9:1:32]