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(p. 267) Works First Published in a Winnicott Edition 

(p. 267) Works First Published in a Winnicott Edition
(p. 267) Works First Published in a Winnicott Edition
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date: 01 April 2020

Volume 1

Part 1

  • Smith [CW 1:1:3]

  • The Night Attack [CW 1:1:6]

  • The Best Remedy [CW 1:1:8]

  • A Shropshire Surgeon [CW 1:1:12]

  • St Bartholomew’s Hospital Amateur Dramatic Club [CW 1:1:13]

  • A Reminder to the Binder [CW 1:1:14]

  • The Snag [CW 1:1:15]

Part 2

  • Varicella Encephalitis and Vaccinia Encephalitis (with Nancy Gibbs) [CW 1:2:1]

  • Case for Diagnosis (? Poliomyelitis with Some Spasticity) [CW 1:2:2]

  • Case for Diagnosis (? Infantile Hemiplegia) [CW 1:2:3]

  • Two Cases for Post-Encephalitic Hyperapnœa [CW 1:2:4]

  • Case of Stunted Growth [CW 1:2:5]

  • The Only Child [CW 1:2:6]

  • Facial Nerve Paralysis [CW 1:2:7]

  • Facial Nerve Paralysis Associated with Fits [CW 1:2:8]

  • Encephalitis after Measles and Chicken-pox [CW 1:2:9]

  • Muscle Weakness, Altered Gait and Absent Deep Reflexes After Measles [CW 1:2:10]

  • Abscess in Frontal Lobe (with Elisabeth O’Flynn) [CW 1:2:11]

  • Rheumatism in Children [CW 1:2:12]

  • Hemiplegia Noticed After Diphtheria [CW 1:2:13]

  • Measles Encephalitis [CW 1:2:14]

  • Symptoms Suggesting Post-Encephalitis [CW 1:2:15]

  • The Diagnosis of Chorea [CW 1:2:16]

  • (p. 268) Enuresis (abstract) [CW 1:2:17]

  • Pathological Sleeping [CW 1:2:19]

  • Hæmoptysis: Case for Diagnosis [CW 1:2:20]

  • Pre-Systolic Murmur, Possibly Not Due to Mitral Stenosis [CW 1:2:21]

Part 4

  • Papular Urticaria and the Dynamics of Skin Sensation [CW 1:4:3]

  • Skin Changes in Relation to Emotional Disorder [CW 1:4:18]

  • Discussion: G. A. Auden, ‘The Difficult Child’ [CW 1:4:4]

  • Abstract: F. Alexander, Psychoanalysis and Medicine [CW 1:4:1]

  • Abstract: H. Lundholm, Repression and Rationalisation [CW 1:4:2]

  • Abstract: M. Barinbaum, ‘A Contribution to the Problem of Psycho-Physical Relations with Special Reference to Dermatology’ [CW 1:4:5]

  • Review: A. Aichhorn, Wayward Youth [CW 1:4:12]

  • Review: Rickman, John (Ed.), On the Bringing up of Children [CW 1:4:13]

Volume 2

  • The Psychology of Juvenile Rheumatism [CW 2:1:7]

  • Delinquency Research [CW 2:5:2]

  • A Tendency in Therapeutics [CW 2:6:5]

  • Resolution K: On Scientific Aims in Psychoanalysis [CW 2:4:1]

  • Abstract: Observations of Infant Behaviour During Routine Clinical Examination [CW 2:3:6]

  • Abstract: Wearing of Masks in the Nursing of Premature and Older Infants [CW 2:5:9]

  • Abstract: The Value of Breastfeeding (Psychological) [CW 2:7:12]

  • Review: M. P. Middlemore, The Nursing Couple [CW 2:4:5]

  • Review: J. C. Flügel, The Moral Paradox of Peace and War [CW 2:3:4]

  • Letter to the British Medical Journal, Circumcision [CW 2:1:1]

  • Letter to the British Medical Journal, Pruritus and Psychology [CW 2:1:2]

  • Letter to the British Medical Journal, Communal Feeding in Schools [CW 2:3:2]

  • Letter to the British Medical Journal, Loneliness in Infancy [CW 2:4:3]

  • Letter to the British Medical Journal, Responsibility and Freedom [CW 2:5:7]

(p. 269) Volume 3

  • Disorders of Childhood [CW 3:3:8]

  • Childhood Psychosis [CW 3:5:5]

  • Review: A. Bowley, The Psychology of the Unwanted Child [CW 3:3:6]

  • Review: The Child Study Association of America, Parents’ Questions [CW 3:3:7]

  • Review: The Psychoanalytic Study of the Child (Vol. 2) [CW 3:3:9]

  • Review: W. Wolff, The Personality of the Pre-School Child [CW 3:3:10]

  • Review: E. Harms, Handbook of Child Guidance [CW 3:4:15]

  • Review: L. Stein, The Infancy of Speech and the Speech of Infancy [CW 3:5:8]

  • Review: J. A. F. Watson, The Child and the Magistrate [CW 3:6:1]

  • Review: F. Wickes, The Inner World of Man [CW 3:6:7]

  • Review: E. Ziman, Jealousy in Children [CW 3:6:10]

  • Review: The Psychoanalytic Study of the Child (Vols. 3–4, Vol. 5) [CW 3:6:12]

  • Review: Problems of Infancy and Childhood [CW 3:6:16]

  • Review: E. Jones, Papers on Psychoanalysis [CW 3:6:17]

  • Review: P. R. Evans & R. MacKeith, Infant Feeding and Feeding Difficulties [CW 3:6:18]

  • Letter to the British Medical Journal, Battle Neurosis Treated with Leucotomy [CW 3:2:6]

  • Letter to the British Medical Journal, ’Pathies in a State Service [CW 3:3:3]

  • Letter to the British Medical Journal, Paddington Green Children’s Hospital [CW 3:4:19]

  • Letter to the British Medical Journal, Ethics of Prefrontal Leucotomy [CW 3:6:9]

  • Letter to The Times, Maladjusted Children; Damaging Effects of Delay [CW 3:5:7]

  • Letter to The Times, Nursery Schools: A Definition of Functions [CW 3:6:11]

  • Letter to The Lancet, Leucotomy in Psychosomatic Disorders [CW 3:6:8]

Volume 4

  • Preface: The First Treasured Possession by Olive Stevenson [CW 4:3:31]

  • Review: D. Burlingham, Twins: A Study of Three Pairs of Identical Twins (in the British Medical Journal)i [CW 4:2:6]

  • (p. 270) Review: E. Glover, Psychoanalysis and Child Psychiatry [CW 4:2:11]

  • Review: M. Senn (Ed.), Problems of Infancy and Childhood [CW 4:2:12]

  • Review: E. Erikson, Childhood and Society [CW 4:2:16]

  • Review: J. Rosen, Direct Analysis [CW 4:2:17]

  • Review: S. R. Slavson, Child Psychotherapy [CW 4:3:12]

  • Review: L. Jackson, Aggression and Its Interpretation [CW 4:3:17]

  • Review: H. Bakwin & R. M. Bakwin, Clinical Management of Behaviour Disorders in Children [CW 4:3:22]

  • Letter to The Lancet, Frontal Lobes of the Human Brain [CW 4:1:4]

  • Letter to The Spectator, A Psychiatrist’s Choice [CW 4:3:3]

Volume 5

  • Obituary: Oscar Friedmann [CW 5:5:25]

  • Obituary: Ambrose Cyril Wilson [CW 5:4:22]

  • Foreword: Any Wife or Any Husband by J. Graham Malleson [CW 5:1:19]

  • Foreword: Childbirth with Confidence by Prunella Briance [CW 5:5:24]

  • Foreword: The Case as the Patient Sees It: Psycho-analysis by National Association of Mental Health [CW 5:3:17]

  • Review: J. Robertson, Going to Hospital with Mother (Film) [CW 5:5:23]

  • Review: E. J. Foote, Six Children [CW 5:3:14]

  • Review: The Psychoanalytic Study of the Child (Vol. 11) [CW 5:4:5]

  • Review: The Psychoanalytic Study of the Child (Vol. 12) [CW 5:4:15]

Volume 6

  • The Theory of the Parent-Infant Relationship: Contributions to Discussion [CW 6:1:21]

  • Obituary: Melanie Klein [CW 6:1:15]

  • Review: T. S. Simey, The Concept of Love in Child Care [CW 6:2:8]

  • Review: K. Soddy, Clinical Child Psychiatry [CW 6:2:10]

  • Review: M. Bergeron, Psychologie du premier âge [CW 6:3:16]

  • Review: S. Lebovici and J. McDougall, Un Cas de Psychose Infantile [CW 6:3:17]

  • Review: The Psychoanalytic Study of the Child (Vol. 15) [CW 6:3:1]

  • Review: The Psychoanalytic Study of the Child (Vol. 16) [CW 6:4:1]

Volume 7

  • Preface: R. Gaddini’s Italian translation of The Family and Individual Development [CW 7:3:27]

  • (p. 271) Foreword: M. Torrie, The Widow’s Child [CW 7:1:12]

  • Discussion: I. Alger, ‘The Clinical Handling of the Analyst’s Response’ [CW 7:3:36]

  • Review: Hertha Riese, Heal the Hurt Child [CW 7:1:2]

  • Review: H. D. Kirk, Shared Fate [CW 7:2:26]

  • Review: V. Axline, Dibs in Search of Self [CW 7:3:10]

  • Review: The Psychoanalytic Study of the Child (Vol. 20) [CW 7:3:14]

  • Review: E. M. Eppel & M. Eppel, Adolescents and Morality [CW 7:3:20]

  • Review: M. Clyne, Absent: School Refusal as an Expression of Disturbed Family Relationships (in New Society) [CW 7:3:22]

  • Review: S. Chess, A. Thomas & H. Birch, Your Child Is a Person [CW 7:3:25]

  • Review: A. Lask, Asthma: Attitude and Milieu [CW 7:3:26]

  • Review: I. Goodacre, Adoption Policy and Practice [CW 7:3:30]

  • Letter to The Times, George III [CW 7:3:1]

  • Letter to The Times, ‘Blood-Tie’ Child: Why the Courts Must Act Swiftly [CW 7:3:9]

  • Letter to The Times, ‘Blood-Tie’ Child [CW 7:3:11]

Volume 8

  • The Non-pharmacological Treatment of Psychosis in Childhood [CW 8:1:9]

  • Winnicott’s Wisdom: How a Baby Begins to Feel Sorry and to Make Amends [CW 8:1:16]

  • Winnicott’s Wisdom: Why Do Babies Cry? [CW 8:1:17]

  • Winnicott’s Wisdom: The Meaning of Mother Love [CW 8:1:13]

  • Winnicott’s Wisdom: Hobgoblins and Good Habitsii [CW 8:1:22]

  • Foreword: The Hands of the Living God, by Marion Milner [CW 8:1:12]

  • Foreword: Collected Papers: Vol. 3, Therapy in Child Care by B. Dockar-Drysdale [CW 8:2:45]

  • Foreword: R. J. N. Tod (Ed.), Disturbed Children [CW 8:2:8]

  • Review: H. Thomson, The Successful Stepparent [CW 8:1:7]

  • Review: S. Stewart, A Home from Home [CW 8:1:10]

  • Review: Max Clyne, Absent: School Refusal as an Expression of Disturbed Family Relationships (in the British Medical Journal) [CW 8:1:15]

  • Review: Edna J. LeShan, How to Survive Parenthood [CW 8:1:28]

  • (p. 272) Review: A Collection of Children’s Books as ‘Small Things for Small People’ (in New Society) [CW 8:1:35]

  • Review: L. Burton, Vulnerable Children. Three Studies of Children in Conflict: Accident Involved Children, Sexually Assaulted Children, and Children with Asthma [CW 8:2:11]

  • Review: A. Clegg & B. Megson, Children in Distress [CW 8:2:25]

  • Review: The Psychoanalytic Study of the Child (Vol. 22) [CW 8:2:13]

  • Review: C. I. Sandström, The Psychology of Childhood and Adolescence [CW 8:2:46]

  • Review: C. A. Storr, Human Aggression [CW 8:2:18]

Volume 9

  • Contribution to the Final Number of Case Conference, 1970 [CW 9:2:5]

  • Day Dreaming [CW 9:2:14]

  • Dependence in Child Care [CW 9:2:15]

  • Preface: S. Lebovici & J. McDougall, Dialogue with Sammy [CW 9:1:27]

Volume 10: Therapeutic Consultations in Child Psychiatry

  • 1.1 Note of contribution (on ‘Iiro’) [CW 10:Appendix 1]

  • 1.3 A clinical study of the effect of a failure of the average expectable environment on a child’s mental functioning (introductory paragraphs) [CW 10:Appendix 2]

  • 1.7 A psychotherapeutic consultation: A case of stammering (introductory paragraphs) [CW 10:Appendix 3]

  • 2.12 A psychotherapeutic consultation in child psychiatry: A comparative study of the dynamic processes (introductory sections) [CW 10:Appendix 4]

  • 3.15 Child therapy: A case of anti-social behaviour (introductory paragraphs) [CW 10:Appendix 5]

  • 3.17 Becoming deprived as a fact: A psychotherapeutic consultation [CW 10:Appendix 6]

Volume 12

  • Letter to The British Journal of Psychiatry, Oscar Nemon's Freud Statue, An Appeal [CW 12:Introduction]


Editorial Note i A second review of this work published in New Era in Home and School was reprinted in Psychoanalytic Explorations, 1989.

Editorial Note ii These four articles were reworked versions of Part 1 of The Child, the Family and the Outside World, for the magazine Parents.