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(p. 151) Winnicott’s Plans for Books 

(p. 151) Winnicott’s Plans for Books
(p. 151) Winnicott’s Plans for Books

Donald W. Winnicott

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date: 01 April 2020

1. Plan for Two Books: Tavistock A, Tavistock B

Book A

Mother-Infant Experience of Mutuality [CW 9:1:28]

Gerber [Environmental Health in Infancy; CW 8:1:6]

Breast-Feeding as Communication [CW 8:2:26]

Winter Lecture 1968 [Communication between infant and mother, and mother and infant, compared and contrasted; CW 8:2:2]

Sleep Refusal [CW 8:2:19]

Mirror Role of Mum [CW 8:1:38]

Social Aspects of Autism [CW 7:3:7]

Autism (Recherches) 1967 [The aetiology of infantile schizophrenia in terms of adaptive failure; CW 8:1:25]

Physio-therapy [CW 9:1:14]

Children Learning + Thinking [CW 8:2:16] and [CW 7:2:1]

Progressive Schools [CW 7:2:5]

Place Where We Live [CW 8:2:1]

Sum, I Am [CW 8:2:10]

Absence of Guilt [CW 7:3:32]

Psychoneurosis, Helsinki 1961 [CW 6:2:17]



Trauma Concept [CW 7:2:7]

Youth Won’t Sleep [CW 7:1:7]

Newcastle Symposium [Adolescent process and the need for personal confrontation; CW 9:3:9] (p. 152)

Adop. Adolesc [CW 5:1:12]

Adolesc. and Menopause [see CW 8:2:3]

Price of (1965) [The price of disregarding psychoanalytic research; CW 7:2:4]

War Aims Discussion [CW 2:2:3]

Book B

Beginning of Individual [CW 7:3:34]

Neonate and Mum [CW 7:1:4]

Link = Chisholm [A link between paediatrics and child psychology; CW 8:2:14]

Ped. Dept of Psych. [CW 6:2:19]

Split-off Male and Female Elements [CW 7:3:2]

Regr. as a Defense [CW 8:1:29]

Concept of Healthy [CW 8:1:4]

Madness [CW 7:2:18]

Psycho-somatics 1964 [CW 7:1:6]

Cross Identifications [CW 9:3:8]

ACPP as Group [CW 8:1:3]

Creative Activity – Search for Self [CW 8:1:27]

False Self Concept [CW 7:1:1]


Location of [CW 7:3:31]

Use of Word Use [CW 8:2:5]

Use of Object [CW 8:2:28]

2. Plan for Two Books (ca. 1968)

Book I

(p. 153) (p. 154)


The Neonate & His Mother [CW 7:1:4]

  • Lecture, Rome, 1.4.64.

  • Acta Paediatrica Latina, Vol. XVII


Psycho-Somatic Illness in Its Positive and Negative Aspects [CW 7:1:6]

Lecture, Society for Psycho-somatic Research, 21.5.64. Int. J. Psycho-Anal. (1966) 47, 510


The Psychology of Madness [CW 7:2:18]

Written only


The Split-off Male and Female Elements to Be Found Clinically in Men and Women: Theoretical Inferences [CW 7:3:2 and CW 9:1:30]

  • Lecture, BPAS, 2.2.66.

  • Revised 11.6.68 for publication in FORUM


Lessons Learned in a London County Council Rheumatism Supervisory Clinic. Symposium on Cardiac Neurosis in Children

Lecture, The Association of European Paediatric Cardiologists, Helsinki, 30.6.66


The Location of Cultural Experience [CW 7:3:31]

  • Lecture, BPAS, 7.12.66

  • Int. J. Psycho-Anal. (1966) 48, 368


The Concept of a Healthy Individual [CW 8:1:4]

Lecture, RMPA, 8.3.67


The Concept of Clinical Regression Compared with that of Defence Organization [CW 8:1:29]

  • Lecture, McLean Hospital, Boston.

  • Symposium on the nature of psychotherapy with schizophrenic patients, 27.10.67


Creative Activity & the Search for the Self: Added Observation on Psychotherapy in this Area [CW 8:1:27]

Lecture, BPS, 25.10.67


Playing Between Patient & Therapist: The Clinical Aspects of Transitional Objects & Phenomena [CW 8:2:15]

  • Lecture, BPAS, 18.10.67, under the title ‘Towards a Theory of Psychotherapy: The Link with Playing’. Int. J. Psycho-Anal.

  • Also given in Rome, 1968


The A.C.P.P. Observed as Group Phenomenon [CW 8:1:3]

Lecture, 17.2.67


The Etiology of Infantile Schizophrenia in Terms of Adaptive Failure [CW 8:1:25]

Lecture given in Dr. W’s absence, at Journées d’études sur les psychoses chez l’enfant. 21.10.67, Paris. Published in Recherches in French


Inter-Relating in Terms of Cross Identifications [CW 9:3:8]

Written for 25th anniversary of Revista de Psicoanalisis


The Mother-Infant Experience of Mutuality [CW 9:1:28]

  • Written for Parenthood: Its Psychology & Psychopathology.

  • Not yet published


The Location of Cultural Exp. [Playing and Culture; CW 8:2:9]

Rewritten as a lecture for the Imago Group, 12.3.68


The Use of the Word Use [CW 8:2:5]



Clinical Regression Compared with Defense Organization [CW 8:1:29]

Written for Psychotherapy in the Designed Therapeutic Milieu. Little, Brown & Co. I.P.C. 5, No. 1, 1968


A Link Between Paediatrics & Child Psychology – Clinical Observations [CW 8:2:14]

  • Lecture, Catherine Chisholm Memorial, Manchester, 24.5.68

  • To be published in Dynamische Psychiatrie


The Use of an Object [CW 8:2:28]

Lecture, NY Psycho-Anal. Soc., 12.11.68

Book II

(p. 155) (p. 156)


Adopted Children in Adolescence [CW 5:1:12]

Standing Conference of Societies Registered for Adoption, Roehampton, 13.7.55. Published 1966


Psycho-neurosis in Childhood [CW 6:2:17]

Scandinavian orthopsychiatric congress, 8.9.61


Paediatric Dept. of Psychology [CW 6:2:19]

St Mary’s Hospital Gazette, Vol. LXVII. No. 6, Sept. 1961


The Value of Depression [CW 6:4:10]

A.P.S.W. Sept. 1963 and pub. Brit. J. Psychiatric Social Work, Vol. VII, 1964, No. 3


The Concept of the False Self [CW 7:1:1]

Crime – A Challenge, All Souls College, Oxford, 29.1.64


Background to War Aims Discussion [see CW 2:2:3]

Revised January 1964


Youth Will Not Sleep [CW 7:1:7]

  • New Society, May 1964

  • Atlas, Sept. 1964


The Positive Aspect of Antisocial Behaviour with Illustrative Case

Summer school of the Davidson Clinic, 30.7.64


  • Do Progressive Schools Give Too Much Freedom to the Child? [CW 7:2:5]

  • Routledge Kegan Paul 1969, Who Are the Progressives Now?

  • Conf. on the Future for Progressive Educations, Dartington Hall, 12.4.65

  • In a book by Maurice Ash


Introductory Lecture to New Light on Children’s Thinking [CW 7:2:1]

Devon Centre for Further Education, 3.1.65


The Price of Disregarding Psycho-analytical Research Findings [CW 7:2:4]

  • NAMH Annual Conf. at Church House, Westminster, on The Price of Mental Health

  • Public report of the conf. 1965


The Concept of Trauma [CW 7:2:7]

May 1965


A Psychoanalytic View of the Anti-social Tendency [CW 7:2:21]

In: Crime, Law, & Corrections, Slovenko. Charles Thomas, U.S.A., 1966


The Beginning of the Individual [CW 7:3:34]



Social Aspects of Autism [CW 7:3:7]

Soc. for Autistic Children. Conf. Leicester, 26.3.66


The Absence of a Sense of Guilt [CW 7:3:32]

Devon & Exeter Assoc. for Mental Health, 10.12.66


The Bearing of Emotional Development on Feeding Problems [CW 8:1:6]

Symposium: Environmental Health in Infancy. Gerber Baby Council, 17.3.67. Pub. in Maternal & Child Care, Jan. 1968, Vol. IV, No. 33, under title: Infant Feeding & Emotional Development


Mirror-role of Mother and Family in Child Development [CW 8:1:38]

Chapter in I.P.A. family book, The Family Predicament. 1967


Delinquency as a Sign of Hope [CW 8:1:8]

Borstal assistant governors’ Conf. Winchester, 18.4.67. Pub. in Prison Service J. April 1968, Vol. VII, No. 27


Communication Between Infant & Mother, & Mother and Infant: Compared and Contrasted [CW 8:2:2]

The Winter Lectures, 1968. Pub. in special booklet, 1969


Breast-feeding as a Communication [CW 8:2:26]

Conf. National Childbirth Trust. Westminster, 28.11.68


The Place Where We Live [CW 8:2:1]

The Geigy Bequest Lecture, (Sussex Postgraduate Federation). Brighton, 19.1.68


Symposium on Contemporary Concepts in Adolescent Development and Their Implications in Higher Education [CW 9:3:9]

  • Brit. Student Health Associ. 21st Annual meeting, Newcastle, 18.7.68.

  • Rewritten as Death & Murder in the Adolescent Process


Sum, I Am [CW 8:2:10]

Conf. of Association of Teachers of Mathematics, 17.4.68


Children Learning [CW 8:2:16]

  • Conf. on Family Evangelism

  • Christian Teamwork Int. of Education, 5.6.68

  • Pub. in The Human Family and God, a report


Sleep Refusal in Children [CW 8:2:19]

Medical News Magazine, July 1968

A chapter for: Physiotherapy [CW 9:1:14]

The Psychology of the Adolescent and the Menopausal Woman [see CW 8:2:3]

A chapter in Scientific Foundations of Obstetrics and Gynaecology

3. Plan for a Book (undated, 1968 or early 1969)

As One Book

A.C.P.P. as group [CW 8:1:3] (add chapter on Psychology) [CW 9:1:31]

Concept of Healthy [CW 8:1:4] Psychoneurosis – Helsinki [CW 6:2:17]

Cross Identifications [CW 9:3:8]

Split-off Male Female Elements [CW 7:3:2]

Regression of Defence [CW 8:1:29] Absence of Guilt [CW 7:3:32]

False Self Concept [CW 7:1:1]

Madness [CW 7:2:18] Ast and Borstal

Psychosomatics of 1964 [CW 7:1:6]

Trauma concept [CW 7:2:7]

Creative activity – search for self [CW 8:1:27]

  • Play

  • Location, etc. – Use of Word Use [CW 8:2:5]

  • Place Where We Live [CW 8:2:1]

  • Use of Object [CW 8:2:28]

Sum, I Am [CW 8:2:10]

Youth Won’t Sleep [CW 7:1:7]

Newcastle Symp. [CW 9:3:9]

Adopt Adolesc [CW 5:1:12]

Adolesc. Menopause [see CW 8:2:3]

War Aims Discussion [CW 2:2:3] (p. 157)

Price of (1965) [The price of disregarding psychoanalytic research; CW 7:2:4]

Mother Infant Experience of Mutuality [CW 9:1:28]

Gerber Lecture: Emotional Development and Feeding Problems [CW 8:1:6]

Breast Feeding as Communication Nat. Childbirth Trust [CW 8:2:26]

The Beginning of the Individual [CW 7:3:34]

Neonate and Mother [CW 7:1:4]

Winter Lecture 1968 [Communication between infant and mother, and mother and infant, compared and contrasted; CW 8:2:2]

Sleep Refusal [CW 8:2:19]

Mirror Role of Mother (Lomas) [CW 8:1:38]


Autism (Recherches) [CW 8:1:25]

Social Aspects of Autism [CW 7:3:7]

Link Psychiatry and Pediatrics (Chisholm) [CW 8:2:14]

Paed. Dept. of Psychiatry – Psychology [CW 6:2:19]

Children Learning [CW 8:2:16]

Thinking [CW 7:2:1]

Progressive Schools [CW 7:2:5]

4. Suggestions for the Proposed Transitional Book


7th May 1968

(p. 158)

Suggestions relative to the proposed transitional book. Winnicott, D. W.

(1) Original paper modified [CW 9:3:5]

(2) Chapter 25 of the Pelican [First Experiments in Independence; CW 5:1:20]

(3) String [CW 6:1:20]

(4) Location of Cultural Experience [CW 7:3:31]

(5) Play 1

(6) Play 2

(7) Squiggles as an example of the use of the concept

(8) The transitional object relative to dolls

(9) Transitional phenomena relative to hallucinating

(10) Dream, fantasy, and fantasying compared and contrasted

Hoffer. 1949.

Mouth, hand, ego, etc.


An invited critical survey of the concept relative to fetishism

? Wulff.

On fetishism

? James, Martin. 1960.

Fraser, A.W. 1963.

A relation between transitional objects and preconscious mental processes

Fintzy, Robert T.


Gaddini, Professor Renata.

Original researches now in progress

  • Moore, Terence.

  • Institute of Education.

Invited critical statement. (His team has watched these phenomena over a period of ten years and I believe is critical of the concept.)

Segal, Hanna.

An invited critical comment

Modell. 1961.

See Fintzy page 3.


(Who uses the concept in teaching medical students, encouraging observation thereby.)

? Spock.

? Spitz.

Hacker, of Los Angeles.

(Who I believe sponsored an investigation into transitional phenomena.)

? Bradley.

On the doll (I.J.P.A. 1961.)

? Freud, Anna.

  • On lack of phase dominance in borderline cases.

  • See Fintzy page 10, bottom.

What about a reference to Karen Stephen who referred to an intermediate area of experience in her book?

I am rather hoping that you will find this group of ideas the sort of stimulus that you want when you are thinking out the possibilities.