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(p. 44) Week 11 Materials 

(p. 44) Week 11 Materials
(p. 44) Week 11 Materials

John E. Lochman

, Karen C. Wells

, and Lisa A. Lenhart

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date: 26 January 2021

(p. 46) Relaxation Script

  • I’m going to ask you to relax.

  • In a few minutes, I am going to say some things that I hope will help you create a picture in your mind…

  • I am also going to ask you to relax different parts of your body.

  • Learning to relax will help you cope with angry, sad, and scary feelings.

  • Find a comfortable position in your chair, not touching anyone, and take in a few relaxing breaths…

  • Close your eyes and relax…

  • Wiggle a little bit and make yourself comfortable…

  • Alright, take a few more relaxing breaths…

  • breathe in…and breathe out…breathe in…and breathe out.

  • That’s it - you are feeling peaceful.

  • If you were angry, you can picture yourself moving from hot to cold on the thermometer.

  • Becoming more and more relaxed, cold, peaceful.

  • Now, with your eyes closed, pretend that you are on a white fluffy cloud, high in the sky on a beautiful day.

  • You are floating peacefully on that white fluffy cloud… moving very slowly…you are as light as a feather…

  • and the fluffy cloud holds you safely…floating across the sky.

  • Now, as I count from 1 to 3, imagine that you are

  • sinking deeper and deeper into that cloud…so the cloud is all around you.

  • 1…2…3

  • You are enjoying the ride on the cloud.

  • Now, notice your toes and feet, how relaxed they feel…

(p. 47)

  • notice your legs…all the muscles in your legs are light

  • and relaxed on the cloud…notice your arms…

  • notice your neck…notice your head…

  • now you are totally relaxed…floating on the fluffy cloud…

  • Remember that you can return to your very own cloud

  • whenever you feel like you need to calm down and relax…

  • Whenever you need to cool off…move from hot to cool on the thermometer…

  • Now, we are getting ready to stop our ride on the cloud.

  • We will stop on the count of three…1…2…3…

  • Open your eyes and stretch a little.

Discussion of Relaxation Experience:

  • “How did you feel doing this activity?”

  • “What did you like best? Least?”

  • “How could you use this activity?”

  • “What are the benefits?”

(p. 48)

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