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(p. 35) Week 9 Materials 

(p. 35) Week 9 Materials
(p. 35) Week 9 Materials

John E. Lochman

, Karen C. Wells

, and Lisa A. Lenhart

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date: 19 January 2021

(p. 36) Coping Statements

Things You Can Say to Yourself to Keep Calm

  1. 1. It’s not worth it to get angry.

  2. 2. I won’t make a big deal about it.

  3. 3. I’m not going to let this get to me.

  4. 4. I can’t always expect other people to act the way I want them to.

  5. 5. I’ll use my sense of humor and make a joke of this.

  6. 6. He would like me to get angry. Well, I’m going to disappoint him.

  7. 7. I don’t need to prove myself to anyone.

  8. 8. As long as I keep my cool, I’m in control.

  9. 9. I’ll grow up, not blow up.

  10. 10. I won’t get in a fight.

  11. 11. I won’t be a fool - I’ll keep cool.

  12. 12. Losing my temper means trouble for me because….

  13. 13. Stay calm. Just relax.

  14. 14. Don’t get bent out of shape.

  15. 15. Don’t sweat it.

  16. 16. Think of what you want to get out of this.

  17. 17. There’s no point in getting mad.

  1. 18. Look for the positives.

  2. 19. What she or he says doesn’t matter.

  3. 20. My muscles feel tight. Time to relax.

  4. 21. Let’s work this problem out. Maybe he has a point.

  5. 22. I’m under control. I can handle this.

  6. 23. I have a right to be annoyed, but let’s try to reason this out.

  7. 24. Slow down. Take a few deep breaths.

  8. 25. Let’s treat each other with respect.

  9. 26. It’s too bad she has to act like this.

  10. 27. Just roll with the punches; don’t get bent out of shape.

  11. 28. Think of what you want to get out of this.

  12. 29. It’s really a shame she has to act like this.

  13. 30. He’s probably really unhappy if he’s acting that irritable.

  14. 31. I can’t expect people to act the way I want them to all the time.

  15. 32. She’d probably like me to fly off the handle. Well, she’s going to be disappointed.

  16. 33. Don’t sweat the small stuff.

  17. 34. I’m not going to be pushed around, but I’m not going to lose it either.

Try using some of these statements the next time you feel yourself getting angry.

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Anger Thermometer Record Form #3PDF

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